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Annies Faith Foundation

AFF is an all volunteer, foster home based, Christian nonprofit 501(c)(3) rescue, based in Florida. We rescue homeless dogs and puppies from the Island of Aruba and get them adopted in the US into their forever homes. Solely through donations.

Aruba is beautiful, however, there is an over population of dogs that are homeless, abandoned, sick, abused and neglected. They wander the streets looking for food and love. Over 7,000 are euthanized each year on this tiny island. Solely through donations, we are able to rescue, provide appropriate vet care and get them transported and adopted. We also promote spay/neuter. The Aruba dogs known as Cunucus, are a mixed breed that grow to be 35-60 pounds. They are very intelligent, loyal and loving dogs and are quick runners. Our main source of raising funds that allow us to rescue and adopt is through social media.

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