Flight Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Flight Volunteer. There is NO cost to become Flight Volunteer. If you are departing for a destination in the US, Flight Volunteers purchases the puppy’s plan ticket (yes, the puppy requires a ticket to travel). AFF arranges and provides all the necessary travel documents, including a valid health certificate, proof of micro chipping, vaccination certificate, etc.

American Airlines, JetBlue, Delta and United Airlines will all allow a puppy to travel from Aruba to the US. Please complete the application form below. Please have your date of travel, airline and flight number viable to accurately complete the Flight Volunteer application, as well as how many traveling in your party can chaperone. Chaperones are limited to one puppy per traveler.

If we have rescued Paws that require transporting from Aruba to the US on the day of your return travel, we will be in touch. Please note that Flight Volunteers may not be contacted until ten (10) days before their departure from the US when Flight Volunteers is in a better position to determine what Rescued Paws will be available to be transported.

It is imperative to be sure that all Volunteer information is accurate. All travel and health documents are prepared in advance and are specific to the Volunteer and chaperoned Rescue – last minute changes are costly and may prevent the Rescue from traveling. We greatly appreciate if there are any changes after you arrive in Aruba to please advice us as soon as possible before the Rescue’s documents are finalized. The more notice we receive the greater chance AFF has to made the changes and ensure the Rescue’s travel. Thank you, in advance, for your help.

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    If you are interested in donating the plane ticket for the Rescue (value up to $200), please check here - there is no obligation, but any donations are greatly appreciated



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    At times we also have kittens that need to be transported. Would you be willing to transport a kitten if needed?



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