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Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued puppy or dog from Annie’s Faith Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Adopting a rescued puppy or dog is a very big responsibility. Our Rescued Paws are often found and saved in from horrific circumstances. Many have been born on the street or dumped in trash cans and therefore have had or experienced some other traumatic start to life. They each require lots of love, attention, patience and affection. We want nothing but the best for each and every one of our Annie’s Faith Foundation. We want to match the personality and character of each puppy and dog with the perfect family that is most suited to them.

Aruba dogs or Cunucus as they are called on the island, are known for being energetic and need daily exercise. They are also great high jumpers, so a fenced in yard with lots of space is preferable, although not required. Each of our Rescued Paws will arrive from USA with vaccinated (1st vaccine), an implanted microchip and a health certificate signed by a certified veterinarian in USA. As an adopter, it will be your responsibility to continue with the required veterinary appointments for the remaining vaccinations, recommended and annual checkups with your local veterinary clinic. We strongly suggest pet insurance for your newly adopted furry family member. Pets usually require a minimum cost of $500 per year for veterinary care, food and other related expenses.

If you have any questions before filling in this adoption application form please review our Frequently Asked Questions section for information that may be helpful when completing an application form for adoption. Please read our Sample Adoption Agreement carefully. You will be asked to sign a legally binding contract that contains this text.

When you adopt a rescue dog or puppy from Annie’s Faith Foundation 501(c)(3), we kindly request a donation to contribute towards the veterinary care and treatment your rescue dog/puppy. Your donation may be tax-deductible. Please check with your tax advisor.

Please fill in each field and once complete, click the submit button. This online application is for your convenience only, and does not guarantee that the animal of your choice will be available for adoption.

By submitting an application for adoption, you agree to be interviewed by an AFF representative, schedule a meet and greet with an AFF Volunteer and one or more of our Rescued Paws, and to invite AFF for a home visit. These procedures assist AFF with the adoption process. AFF does not guarantee approval to adopt, however, this process provides AFF with the ability to determine the most appropriate fit for each of our Rescued Paws.

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